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Gfriend Fact History

Gfriend Fact ( gfriend fakta ) history of Korean Pop Girl Band from South Korea. Gfriend with it’s music, is one of the fastest new group which gain national and international recognition. Gfriend fact history started from the formed by Company Source Music Entertainment. Gfriend debut at 15 January 2015. Gfriend Fans fact Called by name “Buddy”, or in Hangeul Korea is (여자친구). This Korea Pop Music Girl Band (KPOP) Group consists of six members that is Sowon, Yerin, Euncha, Yuju, SinB and Umji.

Gfriend were formed in 2015 by Source Music and they released their debut on January of 2015.  The album of Debut was called “Season of Glass”, and was an instant success. The promotions for the album started immediately, the day after its release. The song title Glass Bead as an original song from the album, reached rank nine in the top ten of “Most Viewed K-Pop Music Videos Around the World” in January 2015.

Gfriend then continue to expand their achievment. Since the early debut GFriend have continue into two more albums, called “Flower Bud” at July 2015 and “Snowflake”  at January 2016. Gfriend gain numerous succes in Japan (NIhon) also other countries including Indonesia.

Gfriend with their music become an Internet Sensation and have attracted many fans via YouTube and other social platforms such google plus, twitter, facebook, instagram and others. One of their viral video uploaded by fans about the performance also check this event with fans. The cute funny gfriend expression.

One of the member, Umji, In October 2016, decided to take a break and not join Gfriend on their activities due to her leg injury. This is one of quite long hiatus for Umji. Umji was said to be experiencing severe leg pains. She went to the hospital to get her leg checked, and it turns out that she has a huge muscle strain around her leg.

In 2017 Gfriend held several performance outside South Korea including Indonesia, Singapore and so on. In January 2018 Gfriend already gain more reputation world wide. They started the first solo concert in Seoul Korea then go forward to other Asian Countries. In 2018 Gfriend doing activity with all full member. They keep going even further to establish their position in the world music stage.

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